Glass Mosaic UK Coupon Codes

For Glass Mosaic coupons Apply Coupon Codes at the Glass Mosaic UK checkout. If your having problems please read on.

We’re sorry if you’re having problems with one of our promotion codes. Please check the following:

The code: some codes contain a mix of numbers and letters which can look quite similar. If you’ve been emailed a code, it might be worth trying to cut and paste it rather than re-typing it.

Expiry date: the code you are trying to use might have expired. Please check the date.

Eligible items: you may be trying to order items that are not included in the specific offer or you might not be able to use it in conjunction with other offers. Please check the terms and conditions of the offer.

Unique codes: some offers, such as ‘10% off’, can only be used once. It may be that this promotion code has already been used.

International customers: For codes exclusively for our international customers, you must enter your promotion code after entering your international shipping address. Once you have added your products to your bag, you must progress through the checkout and enter your shipping address before attempting to enter your code. Only after this stage will the code be applied. If you have an international billing address but are shipping to the UK, the offers are usually rendered invalid.