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How to care for Metal Mosaic Tiles

Metal Mosaic Tiles can add a wonderful accent to any room. They’re as easy to put up as Glass tiles and in most cases, they are quite easy to maintain as well. This doesn’t mean they are maintenance free, however. Like everything else in your home, they need to be cleaned and cared for.

The type of care and maintenance will depend on the type of metal wall tile you choose, and the effect you desire. Copper tile, for example, will change its patina with exposure to air and moisture unless you seal it, and iron tile will rust unless it’s regularly cared for. Many other types will only need to be cleaned.

Step 1 – Sealing the Tile

Only two types of wall tile need to be sealed: iron tiles and copper tiles. Sealing helps protect the original finish and stops oxidization that will otherwise happen over time as the surface interacts with moisture in the air. In the case of copper, this would mean it turning darker and acquiring a patina, while iron will start to show rust.

A good solvent-based sealer will stop this happening. It can be sprayed or brushed on the tiles, and forms a barrier to stop moisture penetrating into the tile. Make sure, though, that you cover the entire tile surface, as even a small untreated area will oxidize.

Glass Mosaics Sam Francisco Metal and Glass Tile

Step 2 – Cleaning the Tile

Most metal tiles can be cleaned with warm water and dishwashing detergent. Wash down with a micro fiber cloth and rinse thoroughly so no streaks show on the metal wall tile.

When cleaning stainless steel tiles, don’t use soap and water. Instead, go for a proper stainless steel cleaner, applying it with a dry cloth that’s free of lint. Be very careful, since stainless steel tiles scratch easily.

With copper, unless you’ve sealed the surface, you actually have a couple of choices. You can allow the wall tiles to age and just clean them regularly with soap and water, or you can use copper cleaner to keep the original shine. The only difference is with patina copper tiles which come with a clear coat protection. In this case, never use copper cleaner, but stick to soap and water to keep the tile clean.

Titanium tiles need special care, even if they’re just titanium colored. Don’t use soap and water to clean them, but make up a solution of equal parts vinegar and water then apply with a clean, dry cloth to maintain their shine and cleanliness.

Glass Mosaics Alaska Metal and Glass Mosaic

Step 3 – Removing Stains

It’s possible that you could end up with stains on stainless steel wall tiles, caused by deposits of hard water. The tiles tend to look quite ugly under these circumstances, but the stains are very easy to remove. Make a paste, using either baking soda and water, or borax and water. Apply to the entire surface with a cloth (not a brush) then rinse off using warm water and a clean, dry cloth. This should remove the stains. If small marks remain, repeat the procedure. Don’t rub too hard or you might scratch the tiles.

Glass Mosaics New York Glass and Metal Mosaic
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Why Choose a Glass Mosaic?

Glass Mosaics last a long time and are easy to maintain due to their smooth non-porous surface, glass mosaic tiles are easy to maintain. They do not stain and any dirt or greasy spots can be quickly wiped with a wet cloth. The glass is also strong and resistant to most chemicals, making the tiles highly durable.

Glass Mosaics Savannah 23 x 23 Mosaic Tile Sheet

Glass mosaic tiles tend to have a shiny luminous style that creates an extra bright and spacious look in a room. When you combine them with well-positioned kitchen lighting, a dramatic lighting effect is the result.

Glass Mosaics Diesel 15 x 48 Mosaic Tile Sheet

Glass Mosaic stocks a large variety of glass mosaic tiles. You can get them in almost every style and colour.

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Suitable Mosaics for a Wet Room Floor

As a Wet-room Floor will be subject to water coverage, it’s important to choose slip-resistant tiles in order to prevent any accidents and injuries. Natural stone or a Textured Porcelain mosaic is ideal while high gloss tiles with a polished sheen should be avoided at all costs.

Glass Mosaics Haniyah 48 x 48 Stone Mosaic

Glass Mosaics Social White 30 x 30 Porcelain Mosaic

Glass Mosaics Athens 23 x 23 Stone Mosaic

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Wood Effect Porcelain Mosaics

Wood Effect Porcelain Mosaic Tiles are extremely practical and popular. Our Chalet Range is an anti-slip wood effect tile,with all the characterwarmth and natural charm of wood but without the complexities of installation and maintenance.

Glass Mosaics Chalet Oak Porcelain Mosaic – Now in our Sale!
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Split Face Stone Mosaics

Split Face Mosaics

Split Face Mosaic tiles are a fabulous undulating 3D natural stone mosaic that are perfect for creating visual effects in many areas of your home or project

They can be fixed behind your oven or sink to add a stylish, eye-catching focal point to your kitchen. Or why not consider using Split Face Mosaic tiles on a feature fireplace or to transform a lounge wall with the beauty of natural stone. Bathrooms can also be brought to life with the three dimensional appearance of Split Face Mosaic tiles.

Glass Mosaics Cadiz Heat is Currently on Sale!

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Dark Interior Mosaics

Dark colours have taken over interiors so we weren’t actually too surprised to see Dark Mosaics as a definite forerunner in the year’s tile trends. While bright and airy bathrooms will always be in style, darker colours add mystery and drama to any space, including the smallest rooms in the house. Choose a dark mosaic tile with reflective properties to bounce any available light around a room and combine with gleaming white fixtures for the perfect contrast.

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Benefits of Mosaic Tiles for Wet Room Floors

Mosaics are often preferred on wet room floors for 2 main reasons. 1) The mesh backing makes it easier for the mosaic to be maneuvered into place where falls (sloping) are required 2) They often add an extra level of slip resistance because of the grout lines which can act as a gully and help the water disperse.

Porcelain mosaic tiles are a good choice as their durability and anti-slip properties are essential in both residential and commercial properties.





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New Glass and Metal Mosaics for 2018

Bring your bathroom right up to date with Glass and Metal Mosaics


Glass and Metal tiles are non-porous and won’t stain, they are easy to clean and resilient over time. Metal and glass reflects light which makes  a room appear brighter and larger.



Our stunning Las Vegas mosaic is new for 2018 and brings that tough of glitz and glamour to your home.



Our San Francisco Mosaic features brushed steel , light reflecting crystal glass plus textured and rippled glass which is built into the tile and smooth to the touch this gives a modern 3D look whilst having a flat easy surface to clean