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Split Face Stone Mosaics

Split Face Mosaics

Split Face Mosaic tiles are a fabulous undulating 3D natural stone mosaic that are perfect for creating visual effects in many areas of your home or project

They can be fixed behind your oven or sink to add a stylish, eye-catching focal point to your kitchen. Or why not consider using Split Face Mosaic tiles on a feature fireplace or to transform a lounge wall with the beauty of natural stone. Bathrooms can also be brought to life with the three dimensional appearance of Split Face Mosaic tiles.

Glass Mosaics Cadiz Heat is Currently on Sale!

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Dark Interior Mosaics

Dark colours have taken over interiors so we weren’t actually too surprised to see Dark Mosaics as a definite forerunner in the year’s tile trends. While bright and airy bathrooms will always be in style, darker colours add mystery and drama to any space, including the smallest rooms in the house. Choose a dark mosaic tile with reflective properties to bounce any available light around a room and combine with gleaming white fixtures for the perfect contrast.

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Benefits of Mosaic Tiles for Wet Room Floors

Mosaics are often preferred on wet room floors for 2 main reasons. 1) The mesh backing makes it easier for the mosaic to be maneuvered into place where falls (sloping) are required 2) They often add an extra level of slip resistance because of the grout lines which can act as a gully and help the water disperse.

Porcelain mosaic tiles are a good choice as their durability and anti-slip properties are essential in both residential and commercial properties.





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New Glass and Metal Mosaics for 2018

Bring your bathroom right up to date with Glass and Metal Mosaics


Glass and Metal tiles are non-porous and won’t stain, they are easy to clean and resilient over time. Metal and glass reflects light which makes  a room appear brighter and larger.



Our stunning Las Vegas mosaic is new for 2018 and brings that tough of glitz and glamour to your home.



Our San Francisco Mosaic features brushed steel , light reflecting crystal glass plus textured and rippled glass which is built into the tile and smooth to the touch this gives a modern 3D look whilst having a flat easy surface to clean

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Silver Cloud Brushed Limestone Tiles – Completed Project

July 4, 2017

At Quorn Stone we are always sourcing unique and beautiful limestones, to add to our ever growing range. Our new and exclusive find is the stunning Silver Cloud. This limestone is a contemporary stone with a sophisticated movement from cooler to warmer shades of subtle silver-grey tones. We recently had the opportunity to photograph one of our developer’s luxury, high end properties, where Silver Cloud has been used in the kitchen and dining area. The result is simply spectacular – but I will let the photos do the talking!

Silver Cloud Brushed Limestone Tiles

Silver Cloud is available in 500 x FL (Free Lengths). This tiles fixed width of 500mm is complimented by free lengths ranging from 600 – 1000mm ensuring that there is more stone and less grout. This format should be laid at least 100mm apart in order to create a random brick bond pattern for a great look.

Silver Cloud Brushed Limestone Tiles

Silver Cloud is also available in two different finishes;

Brushed – Results in a slight sheen and a textured surface

Sandblasted and Brushed – Results in a matt finish and a lighter colour to the surface of the tile with an even greater texture to the surface than a brushed finish

Silver Cloud Brushed Limestone Tiles

Silver Cloud Brushed Limestone Tiles

Silver Cloud is priced at £48 m2 inc VAT (Brushed Finish) and £50 m2 inc VAT (Sandblasted & Brushed Finish). Order your free samples today or alternatively give our friendly sales team a call on 01509 416557 to discuss your project requirements further.

– Rachel and the Quorn Stone team

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Predicting Mosaic Fashions

Predicting Mosaic Fashions – How to spot the up and coming trends.

We all know how frustrating it is buying a new whatever to find that next week you’ve got last years version and yours is half price. These days there is a new iPhone out for what feels like every season.

But it’s not just the technology industry who are guilty of churning out these products, which verges on planned obsolescence. The fashion industry drives many trends in various industries, including interior design.

So it’s the fashion industry’s fault your coral green bath and basin are considered something of a backwards trip in time. So why are these inconsiderate hippies in any position to say your bathroom isn’t as beautiful as last year, or decade.

80s bathroom

Well there’s obviously a little more to it than that. So the hippies I earlier referred to are known as content editors.

Whose job is to collect information about their local area’s culture. Including what businesses are opening, what people are wearing on the street, even what apps people are using.

Once the editors have agreed on the colours for their local area, they are put forward to a committee in America called CAUS. Whose expert team of designers and textile manufacturers. Who decide the closest representations of the year in question.

The representations they choose are diluted to be used in the clothing, interior design, advertising industries just to name a few.

Tiles and mosaics then, get their trends through the top interior designers using the trending colours in their work.

Companies strive to follow these trends as the coverage and general view of products in line with the fashion are current and perceived as better quality. Even though the trends are chosen 2 years prior to their respective year.

Here at Merchant Tiler, we supply a large range of conforming floor and wall tiles and mosaics. Our mosaics partner Glass Mosaic does too.

But we’re not going to tell you what’s good, our products speak for themselves.



But here’s the trending colour choices for Spring 2017 should you be interested. But in our opinion, just choose what you like, you might as well. It will be out of date next month anyway!

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Have you heard of MLT

Have you heard of MLT – Mechanical Lippage Tuning

Is an innovative and simple leveling system for all types of tiles, newly developed by Russo trading company. But what makes it different from pre-existing leveling systems?

Mechanical Lippage System


Well, included in the package, you will receive what Russo call an Ergonomic setting tool. The tension dial on the tool allows the right pressure needed for various materials. Tool-holster included.

You also receive 3 types of bottom plates specifically designed for different types of tile. P1 is for ‘ultra-thin tiles’, P2 for standard porcelain and ceramic tiles, and P3 for use with stone and marble up to 2cm.

In the package you get what Russo call the MLT universal cap, which is designed to guarantee perfect alignment. But also to be easy removable and come with steel tongue inserts to prevent the ratchet teeth from getting worn and promote the cap’s life.

The black square looking piece is a rubber-foot to prevent slipping, and Russo say is especially useful where installing thinner tiles and more highly polished ones. Achieving a firm grip while protecting fragile materials.

The nylon strap can be used with all caps, allows a minimum joint grout of 1.2mm and can be used with all types of tile.

You buy a kit, there are varied sizes with different prices depending on your needs. Although the kits are more expensive than its competition initially, they are relatively cheaper when compared to pre-existing mechanical leveling systems, as the caps, straps, and bottom plates can all be reused. So if you get your money’s worth it could be much cheaper!

So what does this mean for day-to-day users of MLT? Well, it is quick, gives you protection and perfect alignment for your tile jobs, and it is very easy to use! But don’t take our word for it, if you’re interested have a look at this quick demo video.

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Belsford Pebbleshore – Wood Effect Porcelain Planks

May 5, 2017

Spring has well and truly sprung this year, right alongside our ever growing porcelain range. This month we are featuring our beautiful Belsford collection on our blog. Our Belsford collection was established in late 2016 and has proved to be an extremely popular stone due to the character and charm it can bring to a home, along with the added benefits that porcelain has to offer.

Belsford White Porcelain Wood Planks 01 - Email

Belsford Pebbleshore

Belsford Grey Porcelain Wood Planks 01 - Email

Belsford Rockpool Grey

Our Belsford collection is available in Pebbleshore which is a washed out white, and Rockpool Grey – which as the name suggests is wholly grey toned. The collection is unrectified, this means there is a slight variation around the edge of each tile – this adds character as well as mimicking the look of driftwood. Our Belsford range has most recently been used in a retail environment, and we hope you will agree that the end result is simply stunning.



Belsford White Porcelain Tile Wood Planks - Kingston-upon-Thames 02

Many customers ask us why they should go for wood effect porcelain over wood itself, so we thought we would share this knowledge with you, so you can make an informed decision on what is right for you.

  • 1. Our Italian sourced wood effect porcelain is resistant to scratching, ensuring your floor will look as good as it did the day it was laid. Our
  • 2. Wood effect porcelain is much easier to keep clean than wood and is water resistant, making it ideal to use in bathrooms. Why not try our non-stain grout especially for porcelain to ensure it’s kept looking its best with minimal effort.
  • 3. Wood effect porcelain is suitable to use both on the floors and walls making it much more versatile than wood. It looks fantastic as a feature wall, especially in bathroom areas, and can even be laid outdoors – just ask our team for more details.
  • 4. The resemblance to real wood is second to none, we take the upmost care in selecting ranges that mimic the natural look of wood. On average our pattern repeat is around 6m2, making it uncanny to the real thing!
  • 5. Unlike wood, porcelain is a fantastic conductor of heat ensuring your feet can be kept warm should you wish to install underfloor heating.

As the type of tile suited for you is so dependent upon the light and size of your space, we encourage you to order your 4 free samples today. This way you can play around with different ranges and colours to reach a final decision on which would look best in your home. Should you wish to order a sample of the Belsford collection or any of our other ranges, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly sales team on 01509 416557, or simply fill out our sample request form.

– Isabel and the Quorn Stone team

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Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2017

March 30, 2017

Every year at we exhibit and are part of the Homebuilding and Renovating Show held at the NEC. It is a very busy time for us, but is always greatly rewarding. We love having the opportunity to share our quality natural stone flooring, face to face with a wide audience of homeowners and property developers. After wrapping up the show on Sunday, we thought to write and share some photos from our time exhibiting.

Homebuilding and Renovating 01

Homebuilding and Renovating 02

The Homebuilding and Renovating Show is the biggest homebuilding event across the UK, with this years statistics showing us that 37,111 attended across the 4 days – Saturday being the highest attendance of 11,708 visitors. There was a great atmosphere to the show, with the feel of a quality audience, and a real sense of expertise and creativity across exhibitor stands.

Homebuilding and Renovating 03

Homebuilding and Renovating 04

Our display was a great success, with over 2,000 samples given to our customers, expert advice, show offers, and excellent service. It was particularly exciting for us to be sharing our new and extending porcelain range, which grew to be extremely popular with many homebuilders and renovators that visited the stand. We currently have a selection of limestone effect tiles and the highly sought-after wood effect planks sourced from Italy. This selection is set to grow throughout the year, available in a variety of colours and sizes. Planning a renovation or new build in the coming months, with porcelain tiles in mind? Be sure to regularly check in on our website or alternatively contact our friendly sales team to discuss your project further.

Homebuilding and Renovating 05

Homebuilding and Renovating 06

Homebuilding and Renovating 10

With 22 years of experience in importing and retailing natural stone flooring, and over 6 years of exhibiting at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show, we are proud of what we continue to build at Quorn Stone, offering premium quality at great prices of limestone, marble and porcelain tiles.

Homebuilding and Renovating 08

Homebuilding and Renovating 09

If you had the chance to visit us at the show, we hope you came away feeling inspired for your project. However, if you weren’t able to join us at the NEC, we would highly recommend a visit to our beautiful showroom in Quorn, Leicestershire where you can view an extensive range of all our products and receive friendly, expert advice.

We hope to hear from you soon.

– Rachel and the Quorn Stone team

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